Ford Fiesta

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Everyone that is shopping for a vehicle has certain priorities that they are going to set when it comes to choosing the vehicle that is best for them when you have compiled your list of priorities you may want to take a look at the Ford fiesta as it is most likely going to not only meet all of your requirements but surpass them. For a good selection of Ford vehicles be sure to visit Azusa Ford.

One of the great features of course is the competitive pricing that comes with the Ford fiesta. This is a vehicle that fits into most family budgets. It is also great for the first time new vehicle owner, or the college student that needs an economical form of transportation. When it comes to quality you cannot beat the American quality that Ford puts into their vehicles. In a survey of over 150,000 potential car buyers Ford was at the top of the list for many of them.

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When it comes to fuel efficiency you cannot beat the Ford fiesta. You are looking at 30 MPG for city and 40 MPG for Highway that’s pretty hard to beat and is gentle on the pocketbook. The other important feature to keep in mind is the warranty that comes from Ford knowing that you are dealing with a stable auto manufacturer that is in a position to back their warranties.
Then when it comes to having a car that one not only feels is reliable but feels good sitting behind the wheel , the Ford Fiesta leaves no disappointments. It has a really compact but sleek look to it and makes anyone who owns it proud to be its owner. While it may be compact it is the perfect vehicle for the family, and is a vehicle that can be relied on by any of the drivers such as the ladies in the home, or the young teen drivers. It is a great vehicle for driving back and forth to work and making it easy to park.

Colleyford 1.3jpeg Then for the moms that have to take the kids to daycare or to their sports activities, they know that they are going to have a vehicle that they can rely on. Take a look at the great Ford choices that has to offer.