“It’s that time, you knew it was coming, that time for the class reunion. If it’s your 5-year or your 10-year, just pump the brakes. You can show up like you’ve always been and it’ll be fine. It doesn’t matter. It’s the 25-year reunion that really makes or breaks your reputation, and earning that respect that you really wanted all along but never got. It’s amazing that we care what our old high school friends think of us, but we do, because they knew us before. It matters what they think more so than what people we meet now may think. So if it’s time for that 25-year (or more) high school reunion, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make it memorable and kick ass. Here’s what you can do to make sure you impress.

Are You Impressive?

The best thing is to actually be impressive. The less you can lie the better. So like, have you done anything particularly awesome? Have you written a best selling book? Have you appeared on a Grammy award winning album? Are you a movie star? That is the best path toward impressing, having everyone know that you are an impressive person to begin with. If you can just be great and use those 25 years you’ve had since graduation to actually make something of your life, then you will do the best you can at the reunion and your old crush who’s now fat with 5 kids from 6 different fathers will envy who you are and you can just say that she missed out on you. That’s the best way for winning the reunion.

Lie Right

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If you have to lie, you want to make sure it’s not in some way that people can easily tell right then and there. Remember, we all have smart phones. If you waltz into your high school reunion and tell everyone you starred on the NBC comedy “”The Office,”” no one will believe you because they can look at IMDB and easily see you were no where near that. You need to lie in subtle ways. You can rent a nice looking car from www.avonrents.com and that way you show up in a nice set of wheels, a kind of car that SHOWS you are a success, and doesn’t require you to try to brag. You can be coy and just let on that things are going pretty good. It’ll be far more effective than if you have to go around and try to brag since everyone will know you’re lying. See how cheap the cars are to rent online at https://www.avonrents.com.

Rent a Hot Wife

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It’s not a prostitute unless you have sex with her – so you can rent a really hot wife for the night and show how successful you are by having a really nice looking woman by your side. The dudes will be jealous and the ladies even more so.”